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Online Parent Training

Online parent training is an excellent way to network with other parents who have similar issues and to receive industry-leading content from our facilitators. Our online parenting "Webinars" will expand to cover a wide range of topics focusing on what our parents and families need the most.  The following is a sample list of the webinars that we are now offering.

·    Introduction to S4F (Free)

·    The 12 Essential Strategies

·    Anatomy of Peace (Arbinger)

We will be continually adding to our list of online trainings, keeping our parents well prepared for success in the home.  These Webinars will allow up to 8 different computers/ phone lines to participate at once.  Some S4F member's may be participating together as couples making it possible to have up to 16 individuals on the same webinar. 

In order to participate in the webinars, one must have a working computer with internet access and either working computer speakers or a phone.  Participants can choose to use VOIP technology, regular landlines, or even cell phones to join in.  We also use computers and the internet to gain access to your screen so we can share our presentation with each participant.  We utilize Elluminate to deliver our webinars. We suggest that you visit them online to learn more about webinars in general.