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S4F Membership (Trilogy) 12 months

The Trilogy is three separate workbooks: First, The Parenting Workbook;, second The 12 Essential Strategies; and third, The Youth Workbook. The Trilogy is an evidenced-based curriculum driven by research and experience from 35 years of working with over 1.2 million participants.

The S4F System is progressive. The first and most important step is the Trilogy. It is here that we lay the foundation for the S4F web site, tele-coaching, webinars, and the entire S4F experience. The Trilogy workbooks provide self-awareness, growth, and closure by focusing on essential strategies and vital behaviors. No wasted effort just evidence based results!

The engine that runs the Trilogy and the S4F web site is a simple but powerful model that says: Your thoughts create your feelings, which drive your emotions, which, in turn, dictate your behavior and result in the consequences of your life. The formula also says that you can change your negative feelings, emotions, and behaviors by changing your thoughts. This can improve your family relationships and home environment.

The bottom line is don’t always believe your thoughts. Many are based on false programming, assumptions, and perceptions that are no where near the truth. You are in fact many times more talented and capable than you may believe you are.

To illustrate and experience a different way of thinking answer the following questions as either TRUE or FALSE:

• Children will resist your best attempts at parenting, get used to rejection.
• Parents own the solutions but not the outcome.
• You can’t force a child to change inside through outside behavior modification.
• Parents set themselves up for failure when they feel entitled to be obeyed.
• Even after the blame has been placed we are left with no solutions.

The following three workbooks are written as historical fiction, as they follow real people and families through their struggles and triumphs.  The life situations depicted in the workbooks have been gleaned from years of facilitating group life skills classes.

The Parenting WorkbookParent Workbook

What is the number one reason parents fail or succeed? (p.4) Why is silent parenting more effective than verbal parenting? (p.6) Why it is not our moral responsibility to fix others! (p.13) How to develop a healthy way of being. (p.16) What happens when your children see others as objects. (p.18) What your children want you to know. (p.21) How to quickly take a family in decay up to growth. (p.38) How to change deep negative scripting that keeps families trapped in decay. ( p.51)  How what you think, determines your life! ( p.51)

12 Essential Strategies12 Essential Strategies

How to quickly change negative behaviors. (p.3)  How to stop the past from dictating the future. (p.5) What happens when you break the law of truth. (p.17) How to permanently solve conflicts. (p.20) What are your child's four hierarchy of needs? (p.25) What is the currency of love for children? (p.30) Why you should never trust your thoughts. (p.34) How to create lasting positive memories. (p.34) What is the most  powerful form of communication? (p.49) How to become an influencer. (p.88) How to heal troubled hearts. (p.93)



Youth Workbook
Youth Workbook
How youth can overcome rough beginnings  and write their own endings. (p.5) How youth can determine right from wrong. (p.4) It doesn't matter how you got here, what matters is               (p.15) How bad decisions take away freedom. (p.18) How Becky Johnson overcame her self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. (p.25) How to overcome depression, anxiety, worry, and fear. (p.31) Why anger management doesn't work and anger avoidance does. (p.32) What is the difference between users and friends? (p.31) How to avoid the swamp of despair and drug abuse. (p.46)


16 Vital Behaviors

These 16 Vital Behavior plaques come with sticky tac and are designed to be posted in your house.
16 Vital Behaviors





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